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Hydrodermabrasion is a method that uses water and oxygen serums and a special tip to blast away dead skin cells. The water is sent through a supersonic nozzle attached to the hydrodermabrasion machine, and is applied to the area, then simultaneously vacuums the mixture up. The water has the extra benefit over the micro crystals (microdermabrasion method) because it moisturizes the new layer of skin underneath the old one, leading to less swelling and redness, and longer lasting results. It is not painful. Hydrodermabrasion is a better option if you have very sensitive skin, or if you are to have the treatment right before an important event. You do not want to turn up with a red or swollen face, which could happen if you are one of the people who react this way to microdermabrasion.

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  Your skin is one of your most precious assets, and everyone’s skin is unique. About Faces facials are tailored to treat your
individual concerns and to nurture and restore your skin through non-destructive, rejuvenating methods
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